Arkansas Dave

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Arkansas Dave’s shows are wide-ranging blues-rock based. His sound is rooted in the music created by his predecessors; his songs are interestingly original, blended with the sounds of the South. It focuses on his repertoire of originals with the occasional cover. 

Arkansas Dave is no stranger to life on the road. Before releasing his debut album, Dave toured North America as a member of old bluesman Guitar Shorty’s band, where he learned ‘what it took to be a professional musician'. Most recently, Dave spent the summer of 2018 touring throughout Europe, playing festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Birmingham Jazz Festival, Maverick Festival, Summertyne Festival and Mittsommer Festival.

With his self-titled, debut album, Dave has written the album he’s always wanted to create – a wide ranging blues-rock based record that tells the story of his life, but resonates with all of us. The project was recorded with the Swampers, the legendary Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. In a blistering eight-day recording session at Fame Studios the band laid down the backing tracks, and Dave returned to Arlyn to complete the vocals. Now Dave is busy writing the next chapter of his life, as he and his band take the album out on the road...

"Unsurprisingly his own compositions prove equally breath-taking. With snippets of pop, punk, rock, blues and country to fuel the album's 13 tracks, the relentless energy and explosive presence is one that will grip you from the moment you press play to the moment you click to repeat the experience. From channeling everyone's inner grunge teen on album opener Bad At Being Good, through to showing he can make you hot under the collar on Something For Me, Arkansas Dave has many guises but each one equally enjoyable." - Music News

"Arkansas Dave delivers an exciting, rock heavy edge to Americana which is thoroughly enjoyable in this self-titled album. From the start of the album to finish we are met with upbeat, energetic, head banging songs that make you eager to see him live as well as mid tempo and down tempo tunes that bring out your emotional side . The musicianship throughout the album is exceptionally good and incredibly infectious. The album overall is an outstanding masterpiece with enthralling tracks that are instantly gratifying." - Building Our Own Nashville

His new album, "Arkansas Dave" was released on all formats on April 20, 2018 has been receiving airplay throughout the country.

• Genres: Americana/Alt-Country/Roots Rock

• 4 piece band  (two electric guitars, bass, drums)

• Hometown: Austin