Photo credit: Chad Cochran

Photo credit: Chad Cochran

James Scott Bullard

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Outlaw country southern rocker, "James Scott Bullard sings from the heart and sings about his own life experiences including love, loss, death, and addiction... He is a poet and writes very smart songs that aren’t preachy or too matter of fact. Something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Simpson and Price.” - Harry Kaplan, Twangrila

James Scott Bullard is an 'all or nothing' guy.  His new album, "Full Tilt Boogie" will be released on all formats - digital, CD and vinyl April 27, 2018, on Big Mavis Music. If Waylon Jennings had a pet eagle named Evel Knievel that liked to stand on furniture with a guitar, carried two revolvers in a tiny shoulder holster under each wing, had a homemade Smokey & The Bandit tattoo on it's chest, a Skynyrd tattoo on it's middle talon, Keith Richards' blood in it's veins, Johnny Rotten's cocked eye and John Oates' mustache, that MIGHT come close to a description of James Scott Bullard's music. He is touring is support of the new album in coordination with a media publicity/promotion campaign, including radio.

"He’s the bravado of rock and roll, he’s the pain of blues, he’s the beautiful heartache of country, and there’s nothing fake about it. He is quite simply the real deal." - Sydney Baker-Brown, Too My Ears

"James Scott Bullard is the kind of singer/songwriter that other singer/songwriters long to be. With songs drenched in pills, whiskey, and beautiful she-devils sent from hell to shepard some poor jaded sap into the depths of heartbreak, Bullard is nothing short of a poet." - David Butler, The Florence Morning News  

JSB is currently available for solo performances.

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